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Maestrale - new wind of hidden Makarska

‘ Makarska nevjesta’, a daugher-in-law from Makarska, wearing a traditional folk costume invites you  for an unforgettable walk through the hidden streets  of the old town of  Makarska. You will find out about interesting facts about history, rich intangible and intagible heritage, tradition and culture of the Mediterranean region. The young man, proud of his folk costume, will share you some stories about local creative craftsmaen and artists. Are you ready for this encounter ?

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We will take you on an unforgettable walk through the old town of Makarka !
Together, we will explore its unique history and immerse ourselves in its rich
cultural heritage.

Visit Makarska today!

Makarska is a town with a rich history that should not be left untold. The abundance of tangible and intangible cultural heritage that the locals have inherited is the pride of them all, and the identity of the city and the community. Through its ups and downs, its upheavals and surprises, through years and centuries,
Makarska has been created and each corner has its own story to tell. Let’s dive together into its history which needs no embellishment.

In the 18th century, Makarska got its shine under the wings of the Venetian lion. During that period, the symbols of the city were created. The cathedral has always been a mirror of Makarska growth. It stands proudly in the main square presenting all the splendour of
Makarska, while the baroque palaces emphasize city prosperity. The fascinating story of Bishop Nikola Bijanković and his work is an indispensable part of Makarska history. The hunt for his lost slipper is still going on…

In a joyful mood and relaxing atmosphere, you will hear unbelievable stories about Makarska, and learn more about Dalmatia, and Croatia in general. Together we will get to know, or rediscover all the nooks and crannies, as well as the most significant landmarks in the town. There’s a story or a legend behind every single stone. Hear those fascinating tales, explore the main historical sites, stroll along the lively streets of Makarska, and appreciate the spirit of our town.





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