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Dalmatia storytelling destination is a project of the Administrative Department of Tourism and Maritime Affairs within Split-Dalmatia County, which aims to raise the quality of the cultural tourism offer.

This project seeks to preserve and present the Dalmatian cultural heritage and contribute to the year-round tourism of Split-Dalmatia County. The project encourages the revival of historical events, phenomena, legends, myths, and heritage figures in authentic locations using the storytelling method. Interpretation can take place via acting ensembles, heritage interpreters and/or digitised visualisation. The goal is for tourists to experience Dalmatian culture in Split-Dalmatia County through unforgettable, authentic and emotional stories from Croatia.

The project is intended for the providers of thematic experiences from the area of Split-Dalmatia County.

Tourist guides residing in Split-Dalmatia County can join the programme of planning creative thematic tours.

The programme of revived heritage figures is realised in collaboration with legal entities such as museums, associations and tourist boards.

Dalmatiastorytelling.com is a platform designed for thematic experiences within Split-Dalmatia County. The website offers several commercially available experiences as well as a register of stories, events and news which encompass storytelling experiences through acting ensembles, digital technologies and heritage interpreters.

The platform is also a meeting place for all stakeholders in tourism and fans of a good story. It`s a virtual place where tourists can immerse themselves in the soul of Dalmatia by delving into the stories of our ancestors.

After selecting a story and/or excursion, fans of thematic experiences can find a link to direct contact with the experience provider at the bottom of the page of the selected experience. Depending on the contact information, they can access further communication with the providers. Unfortunately, at the moment, the platform doesn`t provide direct booking.

Thank you for your interest. We will gladly consider your proposal for collaboration. Please send a declaration of interest to the e-mail address – dalmatiastorytelling@gmail.com and our administrators will contact you.

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