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Do you know where the fairies live? What hides in the caves of the Biokovo mountain? What do you know about the gifts of nature and the legends surrounding them? Why are local people connected to the Biokovo mountain, and why do we have many water wells in the area?

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My grandparents told me all about the fairies and fantastic creatures, the ones who lived in our surroundings and the caves of the Biokovo mountain.

While sharing the stories, they would often mention the rules we should live by in order to have a safe and happy life (don’t look in the mirror during the night, it’s not safe to build a house near the crossroads…).

I listen to their stories with an open heart, and as time passes, I realise that these are the stories I enjoy listening to, collecting and sharing with others.

Let’s take a walk together and follow the untold stories of the Zagvozd and Biokovo areas.


The storyteller Croatia
Bunje 7, Zagvozd

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