The story of Hidden Dalmatia

Between heaven and earth, there are things visible and things invisible. Things revealed and things hidden. Natural and supernatural, known and unknown, ordinary and strange. This world is a wonderful place, a place that always offers something new to curious souls; take a step further, look higher, broaden your horizons and, with a grain of courage, you`ll plunge into unimagined worlds within the known world, worlds that are hard to reach, poorly explored and unusually beautiful. However, we`ll show you how to get there.

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Virtual walking tour

Get to know Mosor and its surroundings through a virtual walking tour. We`ll take you on a walk through the beautiful peaks and green areas of Mosor and into the hidden corners of the Vranjača cave.

Old Olive

Apart from being a symbol of peace and abundance, the olive tree is also a true symbol of the Mediterranean. Cultivated in countless plantations to obtain virgin oil, its trees sometimes reach a very old age. In the area between Mosor and the sea, there is the famous Old olive tree from Kaštel Štafilić. It emerged more than 1,500 years ago. The tireless song of the cricket, the chirping of the woodpecker and the symphony of birds in the canopy are a sign of natural harmony. Savour it!

Cave replica

Walk with us through a replica of the cave, find out the differences between a cave and a pit, meet their inhabitants and learn all about cave ornaments. While the animal inhabitants of the caves must not be disturbed even by nymphs, everyone can enjoy the fascinating cave forms, for example, the beautiful Vranjača cave in Kotlenice.

Mosor model and the floral fragrance wall

Finally, you`ll recognise all the points you passed on the virtual walk on the tactile model and get to know our plant climbers – hazmophytes. Burnt by the sun and wind, with flowers facing the endless skies and the open sea in the distance, this companion plant can truly be considered a plant of nymph beauty. In fact, these are the real herbs of the nymph world, powerful and mysterious, sometimes visible and sometimes hidden.

Location: Sv. Nikole Tavelića 1, 21204, Dugopolje

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Working hours:

Winter working hours (September 15th-June 15th):

Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-16:00

Summer working hours (June 16th-September 14th):

Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-20:00

Accessibility: accessible for people with reduced mobility


CP Skrivena Dalmacija
Sv. Nikole Tavelića 1, Dugopolje
021 202 073

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