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Kaštela’s peasant Ana, like a time machine, takes you into the lives of Kaštela peasants and nobles, their intertwined destinies and coexistence with nature.

Discover the roots of Dalmatia through an interpretive costume journey.

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During the walk the participants follow the development of the towers and forts to defend the fields and peasants from Turkish attacks and numerous invaders who passed through these regions. The intriguing stories of people who lived inside these fortifications raise interest and encourage numerous questions…

The fruits of nature, the flavors of the Mediterranean are very important in the Christian faith and the Church, which gave strength to a tired people. On this walk, participants have the opportunity to taste extra-virgin olive oil, learn about the process from farm to table, reconsider their roots, think about their heritage, spirituality and historical development that left a mark on today’s life in Dalmatia and in Kaštela. Because the roots of Dalmatia are not only roots from nature, they are also roots of the society.


LEADER, obrt za usluge
Kraljice mučenika 53, KAŠTEL STARI

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