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An interpretive costumed tour – From vineyards to glasses – takes you through life in Kaštela from the 1st to the 21st century, reveals the roots of nature and society, in the Biblical garden of “Our Lady of Stomorija”.

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What was life like in Kaštela from the 1st to the 21st century? We discover the roots of nature and society through stories and tasting traditional products.

The biblical garden of ‘Our Lady of Stomorija’ in Kaštel Novi is a wonderful place, full of peace and tranquility, symbols in nature, and history in stone. On the tour, we get to know natural, traditional and artistic phenomena. During the walk, participants visit also vineyards, and taste high quality and premium white and red wines of OPG Ante Kuzmanić (Tribljan, Babica, Crljenak, indigenous wines) with an appropriate traditional salty and savoury finger food while socializing in the shade.


LEADER, obrt za usluge
Kraljice mučenika 53, KAŠTEL STARI

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