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  • THE STORY OF OLIVE OIL… is love for heritage.

THE STORY OF OLIVE OIL... is love for heritage.

If You want to avoid the crowds and noise of hot tourist centers, come to us.

In one place, You will get to know the Mediterranean as it once was. Tranquility, smells and tastes, but also new experiences await You about 20 minutes away from Split. Here at Klis, a unique historical site, in the Experience Center Stella Croatica – we will awaken all Your senses!

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The beginnings of our story are connected to island Mljet, where our ancestors began the story we strive to preserve and pass on to future generations. It is a story about love and perseverance – about our family and heritage. The youngest daughter in the family, Melita, inherited the olive groves in Mljet, so together with her family, she wanted to continue the tradition of olive oil production. Olives thus became our life – our love and passion. The olive embraced us as it patiently embraced the fragrant Dalmatian soil with its roots. It quickly became our guardian, gathering and embracing us under its canopy. And we, so firmly rooted with our ancestors, gratefully embraced its every fruit, which we then patiently and lovingly harvested and created our ”liquid gold”… The opening of our Olive Museum, which has been our dream for a long time, was motivated by the idea of showing the importance of olives and olive oil for Mediterranean people. New experience awaits You after visiting the Museum in our workshop ”Olive Oil Tasting”. Through education, you become richer in new knowledge, among which the most interesting is how to recognize real extra virgin olive oil!

It is said that through their oil, olives tell the life story of the surroundings in which they grow and live. Patiently and slowly, but persistently, just like an olive tree, we are telling the world our story – sure that what we carry in our hearts, all the smells and tastes we have carried since childhood, we can and must share with others. So, in addition to the story about olives and oil, we slowly created a story about today’s Stella... A Star in the sea of stars proudly represents this part of a somewhat forgotten paradise on Earth. Today, our family is also our employees – the Stella family. With joint forces and a deep belief that our national cultural and gastronomic heritage is exceptional, we are creating a corner of ”paradise” in the karst hinterland of Split. At Stella Croatica, we want and strive to show the world all the beauty and greatness of the Dalmatian heritage. All meticulously written down recipes of our ancestors, have now been transformed into our products that each represent a little story. Arancin – do you know what it is? Smokvenjak? – proud representatives of the gastronomic heritage. During your visit to the factory of traditional sweets, you will see how they are still made by hand – just as Dalmatian women have been doing for centuries… Fragrant stories about lavender and immortelle will introduce You to education about essential oils, healthy nutrition, ecology, and the cultural and intangible heritage of the Dalmatian region. After exploring botanical collection, enjoy the tranquility of the family atmosphere in our traditional village. If You want to remember or discover how our ancestors cooked, what bread under ”peka” is or taste transformed ”raštika”  –  all that, with a glass of good wine, will complete the story Stella is telling you! The story of jubav (love) – about Dalmatia, tradition, cultural and gastronomic heritage and everything that the Mediterranean was and remains as long as the heart and soul exist…

The Polić family invites You – guštajte (enjoy) with us!



Stella Mediterranea d.o.o.
Mihovilovići 21a, Klis

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