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Family Gospodnetić from Dol on the island Brač has been making wine for ten generations and this wine tells the story of love, family, and life. In a short tour around our house, a 400-year-old castle, we`ll talk about the local history and taste the wine and everything connected with it – brandy, vinegar and varenik wine sort, and have a small workshop where you`ll learn how to make a unique drink – smutica.

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It is the late 16th century. The village of Dol in Brač spreads shyly from the nearby medieval hill towards the sea, and the Venetian fort reigns alone on its slope. It is made of rough stone, firmly buried in the hard island soil. It is protected by the natural walls of Dol’s caves and steep rocks, while copper fields of vineyards, full of sweet grapes, stretch out in the valley below. However, it had never experienced the heat of the battle, its walls had never been battered by cannon shots, and perhaps it would have been lost in history, covered with ivy and devoured by oblivion if the Croatian noble family Gospodnetić-Martinović hadn’t bought it and decided to build their home there. Since the 17th century, the house has grown with the castle, expanded its walls, filling them with love and stories, and growing into a unique little “palace” with a striking pale red facade.

Four centuries later, the same family calls this fort their home and preserves the tradition of wine production in the century-old tavern. The wine flows and creates a story that connects the family through the generations, bearing witness to the glorious days of this village, great production, full taverns and sailboats, and abundant harvests. It also testifies to hard times, famine, extensive migrations and the devastation of villages and fields. Wine in Dol is not a modern passing trend adorned with rich epithets while sipping it at parties, wine is farmers’ everyday food and sustenance in Dol, both a joy and a blessing.

This is a story about us, Gospodnetić family, a story about the red castle, about Dol. Simply, the story of wine.

  • The tour includes:
    Storytelling tour of the Gospodnetić family home and history, tasting of traditionally made homemade wine, short workshop of “smutica” drink, traditional snacks with wine
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2 h
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Price: €20 per person
  • Booking: Reservation needed in advance


Butižica, vl. Ivana Gospodnetić
Put jezerina 15, Supetar

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