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Dol, a village settled in the quiet valley of the island of Brač, tells the story of Hrapoćuša – the story of the stone, the story of the cake. The love story. Hrapoćuša celebrates love in the form of the wedding cake – a beautiful, rich and savoury cake made with simple ingredients: walnuts, sugar, flour and eggs. It resembles the stone that surrounds Dol, so they even share the same name – hrapoćuša. Every woman in Dol knows how to make it, and every family has their little secret. Come along and discover ours.

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Dol on the island of Brač keeps a secret, the secret of the cake. It looks simple, with only a few ingredients, but with a taste so rich that attracts and tempts food lovers from all over the world. Its secret is not in its recipe, but in the manner of preparation, which the women of Dol devotedly safeguard, passing it on to their daughters and granddaughters.

Nobody remembers exactly when or who was the first person to find inspiration in the stone named hrapoćuša and who decided to make a matching cake. The caves surrounding the village are made from that stone, and they hide secrets about mythical creatures and village legends. It is the stone from which houses and dry walls are built. Entire Dol was developed on hrapoćuša and from hrapoćuša. The grainy, reddish and rough stone painted the whole village in the warm colour of summer. The stone hrapoćuša is not characteristic only of Dol, but the people of Dol were the only ones to honour it with a sweet monument in the form of a unique cake. The art of its traditional preparation is protected as an intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia, followed by documentaries and articles about it, which made the cake famous around the world.

Hrapoćuša tells the story of the village of Dol, its women and never-ending love. Discover the sweet secret of its preparation at the workshop in the heart of Dol.


Butižica, vl. Ivana Gospodnetić
Put jezerina 15, Supetar

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