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Croatian naval time travel with Magda Lupisquality label

Discover the heritage of a thousand years of Adriatic seamanship at the Croatian Maritime Museum Split.

You will be joined by the charming Miss Magda Lupis in 1866.

She is very proud of her cousin, the inventor of the torpedo, and she shares her tales of the sea amongst the smell of gunpowder, the taste of salt and the crashing of the waves.

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Within the walls of a Venetian fortress, just a few steps away from the city centre, the rich Adriatic maritime history awaits to be discovered. Visit the Croatian Maritime Museum Split for a fun and informative costume performance by a museum curator who will take you on a travel through time. Discover all the museum galleries with Magda Lupis, a lady who travels from southern to northern Adriatic in 1866. She is about to visit her cousin Ivan soon after his revolutionary new gun trial test. While the coal is being loaded onto her steamship, Magda will explore the museum and share with you the story of how the torpedo invented in the Croatian city of Rijeka made her cousin famous. Together you will enjoy impressive exhibits of ship equipment, navigational instruments, artillery, artwork, ship models and real vessels. Immerse yourself in the adventures of seamen, from the ancient fishermen to the long-forgotten explorers and brave warriors, as Magda’s stories bring them to life.

The museum ticket and Wrecks4all VR showroom are included in the price.

Max. group size is 15 people.

Booking is required up to 24 hours before the start of the tour (via telephone or e-mail).

The museum is accessible for visitors with disabilities.


Location: Croatian Maritime Museum Split / Hrvatski pomorski muzej Split (address: Glagoljaša 18, Split, Croatia)

Duration: approx. 90 minutes


Special prices for student groups.



Hrvatski pomorski muzej Split
Glagoljaša 18, Split

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