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Stories for people who want to learn something new about Split

This tour presents the historical centre of Split through a series of interesting stories and legends. It introduces you to a completely different world where you will gain a new perspective on the things you already know. You`ll find out about the Split mentality and habits, how to recognise the locals in Split, who and why built the Palace at that very place, why the bell tower had to be renovated and many other interesting things.

You must absorb and experience Split not only visually but with all your senses. I hope you`ll get to enjoy some of those experiences.

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🕒 60-75 min (a light walk that partly includes high stairs)

(Upon request, it can be adapted for people with mobility impairments but then it lasts min. 75 minutes and starts at a different location.)

Price: upon request (the tour requires a minimum of 2 bookings, otherwise it will not take place). For larger groups, please send an inquiry to the contact e-mail.

The Why I Love Split tour tries to bring Split closer to people who want to discover the fascinating past through short and interesting stories.

It starts on the Riva promenade (the meeting point is shown on the map) and continues to the scale model of the old town centre, where you`ll discover the origin of the city`s name, as well as why the Palace was built here. The tour continues to the scale model of the Palace, where you`ll learn more about its organisation and construction, as well as the story of the Emperor Diocletian.

After that, we`ll enter the Cellars of the Diocletian`s Palace (substructures), which unravel their secrets and tell stories about life in the Palace over centuries up to the present day. We most certainly won`t skip the story of why they are so well-preserved.

A light walk, which in this part also includes high stairs, brings us to the very heart of the Palace – the Peristyle Square, where the magnificent Sphinx statue will tell us her story, while the mausoleum/Cathedral with its awe-inspiring bell tower will make you want to learn more about it. All these elements are combined and permeated precisely on the most beautiful natural stage – the Peristyle Square.

From there, the tour continues along the former main street in the direction of the Golden Gate, where we will explore some hidden details together.

When we arrive in the defence yard (propugnaculum), you will hear its interesting background story, while the church of St. Martin, visible from the outside, will mesmerise you with its loveliness and beauty.

The tour ends in front of the Golden Gate, where you`ll get a chance to admire its magnificent entrance and the craft of its builders, and following the story, we will return to the main characters of the story – Gregory of Nin and Ivan Meštrović. In the shade of the Golden Gate, we will reflect on the past, but also on the city that has skilfully woven its past into its existence and has continued to live its life to the fullest.


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