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Whether you are a tourist or a local, you are all welcome to hear my story. My name is Mandina, and I have a lot to tell you. This Split of ours, I love it so much, but I also hate it from the bottom of my heart, well, I think you get my point. Maybe you just don’t understand my old dialect. Aaaaah, nobody talks like this anymore, let alone these younger generations, but other than that, nothing else has changed. We people from Split have always been, are, and will be spiteful, we will argue and gossip in unison, meet local eccentrics along the way, suffer from fake grandeur and enjoy our idle leisure in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon, both in the summer and winter, during warm wind and heavy rain, and we will contest everything and everyone. You won`t see anything like that anywhere else in the world…

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It would be the best if we met at Voćni trg, a place that was bustling with people who went to buy groceries in the morning chatting about where one has been and what one has been doing. Then we’ll go a little bit to Pjaca dei šinjori. There are lot of people that we can meet from mayors to rediculous. There were these others as many as you like, and there are still today. How poor they were, when the people of Split started mocking them. Then we will go to Veli Varoš, but first we will stop by the picture of our Frane Matošić, the legendary football player of Hajduk. There is no other story that we can talk about than dišpet, the spite of Split. Then the road underfoot in order to walk around the suburb of Veli Varoš, where everyone suffered from delusions of grandeur. Anyone wanted the rest of the world to see his poorness, but he walked around  dressed nicely and seemed to be the richest in the whole town of Split. And for the end of this story of Split, we will go to Matejuška, to the Riva. We need some rest and do nothing.

The duration of this story is 60 minutes.

We will walk a little uphill and downhill without stairs, so everything is adapted for our dear fellow with disabilities.

We’ll go for a 20-minute walk, and when it’s hot, we’ll have to put on our glasses and hats and take a bottle of water.

To hear this story, it will cost you 20 euros. There must be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 persons.

Be happy and healthy !!!



Quien j.d.o.o.
, Split

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