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Many fairy tales, stories, myths, legends, jokes, and songs that have served as a pastime during the long nights of the recent past, reveal to us the hidden, harsh and simple history of the everyday life of farmers on this part of fertile soil (Dugo – polje, Long – field) behind the Mosor mountain.

History was harsh and bitter just like the “rakija” (brandy) our ancestors drank, as reflected in the lyrics usually composed in taverns, known today as “konoba”. These lyrics were used for traditional “Rera” singing – local singing style without music accompaniment. One cannot simply reject the invitation to the tavern, because it is deemed as an insult to the host.

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Dugopolje is a small town in the Dalmatian hinterland with about 3,500 inhabitants. It is located between Split and Sinj. Everyone who has visited it at least once can quickly realise why the place was given that name (long – field). Beneath the south slopes of the Mosor mountain, there is a piece of fertile soil field which fed the generations, after which the town was named.

When the Croats founded the Croatian state, Dugopolje belonged to Klis County. Since then, in the history of Dugopolje, many significant events have been recorded that have shaped today’s appearance of Dugopolje, its demographic image, social and economic life, and the self-awareness of Dugopolje inhabitants.

A total of 98% of the population from Dugopolje identifies as Christian Catholics. The village has 3 patron saints, and the feast of Our Lady at the Bottom of the Field is celebrated every year in June. The chapel was built in 1923. Every person from Dugopolje makes a cross sign when passing by this chapel.

The spells, mystical beings, and legends often intertwined with Catholicism, creating the local reality, and becoming part of history. What do you do when you see a black cat crossing the street? Do you throw a coin for good luck or knock on the tree? Do you know which superstition Goran Ivanišević practised before winning Wimbledon?

We`ll take a walk across the northern slopes of Mosor and tell stories about the mystical creatures inhabiting the slopes of Mosor, such as the nymphs hiding in the cave Kraljeva peć.

One night, on the day of the town patron saint Saint Michael “Miholjdan”, nymphs descended from Mosor to the Balić dub (old tree in the village) and started calling and whispering to the young villagers who were dancing traditional dances, after which a local priest expelled them to Mosor and made them harmless forever.

  • Recommendation: The tour includes easily penetrable mountain trails on the northern side of Mosor, the so-called goat trails, and it is recommended that you bring comfortable and suitable shoes, sunscreen, and water.
  • Level of difficulty: Light to moderate physical fitness is required. Walking over 1 hour.
  • Price: €10 per person.
  • Group size: The minimum is 5 people. (Upon request, it is possible to arrange a tour for a smaller group of people).


Ivan Kusic
, Dugopolje

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