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Get to know the past of the Croatian kingdom through the stories of Helen the Glorious and King Dmitar Zvonimir. In the 10th century, Solin was the capital of the Kingdom of Croatia ruled by Helen the Glorius as the regent, and the first independent Croatian King Dmitar Zvonimir was crowned there in the 11th century.

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With an interpretive tour along the Jadro river, we`ll take a walk through the glorious period of the reign of Croatian rulers in Solin during the 10th and 11th centuries. We`ll also mention the beginning of the Trpimirović royal line not far from Solin, in the mighty Klis. The tour starts at the Šuplja crkva (Hollow Church), the coronation basilica of King Zvonimir, continues on the promenade along the Jadro River, which the people of Solin affectionately refer to as Rika, and ends in the Church of Our Lady of the Island, which was built with donations from Queen Helen the Glorious who founded the first Marian shrine in Croatia in the 2nd half of the 10th century.

Duration of the tour: 45-60 min

Level of difficulty: Light walk. Mandatory comfortable shoes, hat/cap, and drinking water.

Adapted to people in wheelchairs and those with reduced mobility.

Booking: up to 24 hours before the start of the tour

Price: €15/person


Vedrana Memiš

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