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On this tour, hear a devastating story about the city of Split and it’s people, that took place during the World War II. Discover why the War started here almost 2 years later then in the rest of the world and how come it ended almost a year before. While walking through the center of the town, listen to the stories of people who never surrendered to their oppressors and find out how they managed to survive all horrors of war.

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This is a heritage tour, with the elements of a dark tour, which tells the story of World War II in Split. During the tour participants will learn what was the cause of the War in this area, who were the oppressors, whose side were the citizens on and what ultimately led to the end of the War. Besides being made according to historical facts, the tour places a great emphasis on the human aspect of war. Participants will learn how events during the War affected the lives of ordinary people by listening to their stories. They will learn about their fights, struggles, resistance, sacrifices and losses. In addition, they will see where bomb shelters were made, find out who were the hidden heroes who helped fighters and civilians, what happened with the Jewish community that has been active in Split for centuries, how the Italians behaved in the city, how the Germans and much more.

During the tour, photographs of buildings that were damaged or destroyed in the War will be provided. Photographs are the property of the Museum of the City of Split and are kept in the archives; but for this tour I have exclusive rights to use.


Duration of the tour is 100/120 minutes.


The tour is suitable for people with disability or reduced mobility.

The price of the tour is €30/person. A minimum number of tour participants is 2, while a maximum number is 15 (upon request – a private tour may be arranged).

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Palmotićeva 2, Split

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