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Join me on a walk through the life of the famous Renaissance poet and nobleman Petar Hektorović! Discover the heart of a man who loved, understood and appreciated people regardless of their class or affiliation underneath the scarlet cloak of this one-of-a-kind 16th-century nobleman.

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Petar Hektorović, a Renaissance poet and nobleman, was born in 1487, on the island of Hvar. The noble Hektorović family owned many properties and fertile fields on the island of Hvar. From their ancestors, family inherited the property near the sea which was located in Tvrdalj Bay of the Stari Grad town. After the death of his father, Petar became the man of the house at a young age in charge of all the family properties and businesses. In the loving memory of his father, and with the help of the locals, he managed to build an amazing stone castle and summerhouse Tvrdalj.
Petar`s life was determined by the commoners’ rebellion, the constant threat of the Ottoman naval invasion, the plague and the forbidden love. All of that deeply affected him and his life decisions. On top of everything, he lost his only grandson. After that tragedy, Petar became completely focused on the Tvrdalj project. He was working constantly, day and night. The stone became his therapy and inspiration.
Petar poured his mind, his soul and all his heart into Tvrdalj. On the southern side of the castle, he created an area where all of God`s creatures were welcome: a fishpond for aqueous creatures, a tower for air-borne creatures and an amazing exotic garden for earthly creatures.
Petar Hektorović is best known for his poem “Fishing and fishermen`s conversations”. The poem is based on a true story, a real three-day adventure at the open sea where he managed to transform his experience into exceptional verses. Petar had a favourite cake called “paprenjak” which he mentions in the poem. The verses about the cake are a real proof that the recipe is at least 5 centuries old. In Stari Grad, that honey-based cake is still prepared after the same old recipe. The technique of making the cake is considered protected heritage because of its complex procedure and very specific ingredients.
Although a nobleman, Petar was very generous. So, when in time of the plague Petar heard the pleas for help, he donated his own property for the location of the new church. Then, he built a house for travellers and paupers, which served as both a shelter and a safe house. Also, he donated a house in Hvar as a shelter for young women of poor status and women without a dowry. Since he was surrounded only by women, he understood and respected women and they understood and respected him in return.
Petar Hektorović was laid to rest in the church of St Peter, next to his beloved mother Katarina. Petar didn`t care about the customs of nobility which mandated that he be buried in the Hvar Cathedral. He was a unique nobleman who decided to rest in peace in Stari Grad, where he admired nature, enjoyed a friendly community and where he was the most creative.
Petar`s closest people were his beloved granddaughter Julija and her husband Antun. They always stood by him, he trusted them the most and he knew that they would treat his legacy with utmost love and respect. Julija and Antun were very rich but had no kids. As a widow, Julija became legally authorised to manage the dowry and his legacy, so she continued to help women, just like her famous grandfather taught her to. The good deeds continued…

Duration of the guided tour: 90 min

Level of difficulty: Light walk, 350m distance from the meeting point to the end of the tour

Time: Wednesday or Thursday, by arrangement

Meeting point: Tvrdalj Square – next to the bust of Petar Hektorović

Recommendation: Arrive at least 5 min earlier!

Accessibility: Accessible to people in wheelchairs and those with reduced mobility

BONUS: photo opportunity in Renaissance costumes/tasting of the cake made after a 5-century-old recipe

Booking: An interpretive tour will take place only if booked in advance, up to 24 hours before the start of the tour (via e-mail or mobile phone)

PRICE PER PERSON: €16 + €4 entrance to the castle

PRICE 1-5 PERSONS: €85 total price + €4 entrance per person

PRICE FOR THE GROUP: special prices for groups can be arranged


Tourist board: 00385 (0)21 765 763; info@visit-stari-grad.com

Klaudija, the interpretive guide: 00385 (0)91 6061992; teta_koludija@hotmail.com


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