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Following the footsteps of the ancient Romansquality label

An interpretive walking tour through the Archaeological Exhibition of the Trilj Regional Museum accompanied by a costumed guide.


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An interpretive tour with Cusia Valeria Prima takes place in the Archaeological Exhibition of the Trilj Regional Museum. It presents the findings of archaeological research of the Roman Legionary Camp Tilurium in the modern Gardun near Trilj, and perfectly depicts the daily life of Roman legionaries from Legio VII who were stationed in Tilurium during the first half of the 1st century AD.

Valeria is a girl from a patrician family who grew up under the watchful eye of her father. She spent her childhood in carefree play while socialising with her peers. She developed a close bond with an intelligent and kind boy who served in her family. Valeria’s good-natured father liked the boy so much that he gave him freedom on the young man’s 18th birthday. According to Roman customs, the young man took the name of his former master – Lucius Cusius. He soon decided to leave Rome and seek fame and glory in the lands of the Delmats across the Adriatic Sea.

Meanwhile, Valeria secretly studied geography, history and philosophy to learn more about these “barbarians” among whom Lucius had decided to live. Valeria takes her guests (museum visitors) on a tour through her home (museum exhibition) while reminiscing on her childhood with Lucius. She talks about the imperial army, politics and social life during the first half of the 1st century AD.

Valeria is counting down the years until the end of Lucius’s military service, and she’s using the exhibits and museum aids to explain the Roman way of life, as well as the everyday activities of legionaries; their administrative duties and tasks, weapon exercises, entertainment and leisure, health, nutrition, and private matters.

  • Size: A minimum of 10 visitors in one tour.
  • Prices per person: €10 (per adult), €5 (per child)
  • Note: An interpretive walk will take place only if booked in advance. It is necessary to book a tour at least 3 days in advance.


Muzej triljskog kraja
, Trilj

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