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Romance in Salona -The Night of the Gladiators

Romance in Salona -The Night of the Gladiators

The Night of the Gladiators begins with the entry of Emperor Diocletian, accompanied by Empress Prisca, the Roman guard, and gladiators, accompanied by the sound of drums into the amphitheater. After the arrival of the emperor and empress on the stage, visitors can enjoy the gladiator fights performed by the Pula association Spectacula Gladiatoria, as well as the historical Italian association Ruva Lei, which will perform the Etruscan fights. Also part of the program is the final fire show by Elsie Angeles Novaković. Visitors can also enjoy the fair of antique crafts, which is set up in the forecourt of the amphitheater and includes a presentation of various antique crafts – an antique souvenir workshop, a gastronomic workshop of making antique dishes, an antique rub, an antique workshop “Be a little Salonitanac”.

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